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You're looking at the new entry-level generation deck designed specifically for iPhone, iPod and App control that's easy and intuitive to use. This one-stop music player comes with a sleek LCD Display with fixed classic red button illumination. Alpine's signature rotary knob and larger source button makes controlling all your music a breeze. This unit also comes with a convenient Front Panel auxiliary input - so you or your passenger can plug in your portable media player as an additional source.


  • 50 Watts x 4
  • 2 Pre-amp output (2 Volt)
  • Front USB and 3.5mm input
  • iPod/iPhone control (via front panel)
  • 3 Band Parametric EQ
  • KTP-445A Power Pack capable

Works with iPhone and Made for iPod

The CDE-141 is more than just a CD player, it is designed to work with your iPhone or iPod - so you can enjoy all your favorites wherever the road takes you.

Connect your iPhone or iPod using the USB cable that came with your iPhone or iPod and you’re granted access to all your music, right from your head unit. With USB, you get convenient control so you can scroll through all your Playlists, Artists, Albums and Songs - and view all your song information right from the display on your head unit. Enjoy all your music whether from your iPhone or iPod, Alpine brings the music to your car.

App Direct Mode

Listen to even more music from your iPhone or iPod with App Direct Mode. This new feature offers basic app control (Play, Pause, Track Forward, and Track Back) and metadata directly on the head unit from numerous third-party apps so that you can enjoy your drive even more without fumbling with your phone.

Quick Search

Have tons of music? Find it fast! With Alpine’s exclusive QuickSearch technology, you'll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to artists, songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations. Large control buttons and a rotary encoder make it easy to scroll through all your sources, including your iPod, Radio stations and CD's. No interruptions, while you search, just let the Alpine play.

Charge your iPhone

Standard in-vehicle solutions may drain the battery of your iPhone, but with the CDE-141, your iPhone charges via the USB cable, so you can enjoy nonstop music and recharge your iPhone at the same time.

Visit the Apple site to identify your model iPhone or iPod.

Built-in Equalizer

Select from 10 different EQ modes to get the best sound from all your sources. (Flat/Pops/Rock/News/Jazz/Elec Dance/Hip Hop/Easy Lis/Country/Classical). If the Equalizer presets aren’t enough for your listening taste, there’s a 3-Band Parametric Equalizer you can adjust for a better sound response curve. The setting – Bass, Mid and Treble- can be adjusted in the 3-Band Parametric mode.

Get a Boost in Great Sound

With Alpine, expect the premium sound your ears deserve. This head unit allows you to customize your crossover adjustments so you can control where you send high and low frequencies, so you get the best sound out of your factory or upgraded system. Of course for a true power upgrade just add-on the KTP-445A Power Pack to instantly increase your head unit’s power to a true 45Wx4 RMS, now we’re talking about some serious sound!