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Whether your family is headed out on the open road for a long trip or just making local trips to the store, The PKG-M780 dual headrest monitors are perfect for your family vehicle's rear seat entertainment system, adding flexibility and freedom for passengers to watch what they want. With two dual-channel headphones and three A/V inputs - you can hook up to a variety of sources, and each passenger can enjoy the source of their choice and listen to them independently through their headphones. So one can watch a favorite movie, while the other plays the latest video game.

Twice the Entertainment

A single hideaway box supplies signals for both monitors, so passengers can have two different sources playing at the same time in the rear seat. Connect to an Alpine DVD player, video game consoles, and even your iPod with Alpine's KCE-415I* Thanks to dual channel headphones, with a switch of a button, each passenger has the ability to change channels to listen to the other source.

Brilliant Screen Viewing

This package includes two 7" WVGA screens with 1.15 million pixels for an excellent vivid and detailed high-res picture with adjustable brightness, contrast, color and tint.. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

*with the KCE-415I, use your iPod as a video source and the video content can be controlled by either the iPod itself or Alpine's RUE-4190 universal remote control (sold separately).

Thin for Almost Any Application

The PKG-M780's thin monitors make headrest installation clean and easy. The package also comes with headrest mounting kits to create a flush headrest installation, and the thin monitor cable is small enough to install inside the hollow headrest pole.

Fold Them Flat

Two pairs of dual channel fold-flat headphones, SHS-N205, are included in the PKG-M780 package. And with the new fold-flat design, it's easy to fold your headphones flat and tuck them into the seat pockets when not in use.

  • Made By: Alpine