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If you’re in search of a slim, sleek, seamless standalone monitor, the TME-S370 is your go-to monitor solution. The completely flat monitor surface of the TME-S370 features a bright 6.5” crystal clear high quality VGA LCD display for your viewing pleasure. A perfect addition especially for RV (Recreational Vehicle) applications – the TME-S370 can be professionally mounted and serve as the control panel and display for a sophisticated navigation and rear camera system. This versatile monitor can be custom installed in a variety of unique applications.

Rear Seat Application

If you’re looking for more of an adaptable headrest solution for your car, the TME-S370 can alternatively be installed on your head rests to complete your rear seat entertainment system and complement your Alpine audio/video source device. This is especially convenient for headrests which might require a custom solution mounted on the headrest, but still look sleek and stylish.

Get slim.

The TME-S370 features an attractive full flat surface monitor – no borders, no ledge, just one smooth panel screen for a seamless fit.

6.5”, Baby.

The TME-S370 boasts a 6.5” wide VGA LCD display for a clean 800 x 480 resolution. Get a larger clear picture no matter what you are viewing – whether it’s a movie, or navigation source.

Just a Touch.

Everything is at a touch of your finger. Press on the screen for instant access to your source controls and display setup.

Pick a Color.

Select from four different background color schemes – Blue, Green, Red, and Amber.

Ambient Light Sensor

A built-in sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor – to suit your drive during the day or night.

Destination Ahead.

The NVE-M300 is the perfect add-on to the TME-S370 to access simplified, reliable navigation so you can find your way around and get to your destination. With the quick touch of the “Nav” icon, you’re set to input your next destination for turn-by-turn directions and convenient maps. Get access to easy-to-use navigation functions and see where the road leads. The TME-S370 is also compatible with the following navigation units: NVE-N872A, PMD-B200 or NVE-P1 with PMD-DOK2.

The NVE-M300 features Alpine’s OnPoint™ Advanced GPS Positioning. This means that your vehicle stays accurately positioned on the map even in areas where it’s difficult to receive GPS reception, such as in a tunnel or around tall buildings. OnPoint simultaneously uses three technologies – satellite-linked positioning data, gyro sensor technology (to determine the vehicle’s direction) and accelerometer technology (to gauge the vehicle’s speed) – resulting in continuous coverage of the location of your vehicle.

Safety First.

The TME-S370 offers a rear view camera input so you can hook up to a HCE-C105 or any other standard aftermarket (RCA output) rear view camera and get a better view of what’s going on behind you. This is a great way to stay safe and avoid hitting objects that may potentially be difficult to see.

Video Entertainment.

The direct auxiliary input gives you the option to connect to DVD player, DVD head unit, iPod®, TV, or SIRIUS TV.* You also have the option to name your source the way it will appear on the menu. Enjoy video playback and watch your favorite movies, music videos, TV shows right from the screen.

*Separate hardware or subscription may be required to run these sources.

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